Dominator Momentium Paste Wax (WARM)

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Product Overview

  • WARM
  • 18F° & warmer (-8C° & warmer)
  • The Momentium series consists of two no-iron waxes, warm and cold.
  • Designed for competitive and performance skiers and borders, Momentium wax embodies the properties of what would amount to several different types of waxes in other systems. 
  • They contain natural and synthetic paraffins, antistatic agents and Dominator’s proprietary fluorinated additives, which facilitate excellent acceleration and glide in a wide range of conditions.
  • The simplicity of the Momentium system allows for a compact waxing kit, consisting of two waxes, a polishing cork and a horsehair brush, ideal for on-hill waxing and travel applications.
  • Sold in a 40gm jar.


  • To apply: spread a thin layer on your base with the included felt pad, wait at least 20min, then polish well with a synthetic cork (or nylon stocking) and brush with a horsehair brush. 
  • For greater durability allow Momentium to harden for half-an-hour or longer, out of the sun, then polish and brush as above. 
  • If the conditions change simply add a layer of the appropriate Momentium wax and hold on!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review