Dominator Momentium Paste Wax (COLD)

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Product Overview

  • COLD 
  • 18F° & colder (-8C° & colder)
  • Designed for competitive and performance skiers and borders, Momentium wax embodies the properties of what would amount to several different types of waxes in other systems. 
  • They contain natural and synthetic paraffins, antistatic agents and Dominator’s proprietary fluorinated additives, which facilitate excellent acceleration and glide in a wide range of conditions.
  • The simplicity of the Momentium system allows for a compact waxing kit, consisting of two waxes, a polishing cork and a horsehair brush, ideal for on-hill waxing and travel applications.
  • Also available in a WARM formula.
  • Sold in a 40gm jar.


  • To apply: spread a thin layer on your base with the included felt pad, wait at least 20min, then polish well with a synthetic cork (or nylon stocking) and brush with a horsehair brush. 
  • For greater durability allow Momentium to harden for half-an-hour or longer, out of the sun, then polish and brush as above. 
  • If the conditions change simply add a layer of the appropriate Momentium wax and hold on!


(1 review) Write a Review

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    Momentuim Paste

    Posted by Clyde on Mar 25, 2019

    I like this paste wax as it’s easy to apply at home or on the hill. What I like most of all is that it works well and is more durable than other other paste waxes if tried. There’s a cold paste and a warm paste both with a temperature guide printed on the jar to let you know which paste to use. I use them according to both temperature and the hardness of the snow. In the spring when the snow is icy but the air temperature is warm I’ll use the cold paste. When it warms up and the snow is slushy or has a higher moisture content I’ll use the warm. I don’t use these as a substitute for a fresh hot wax but as an overlay on top of a well waxed ski with a hydrocabon glide layer. For a dash of better glide put some on your sidewalls when the snow is juicy. Use a THIN layer then wait 20 minutes before you cork and brush your skis. Do not plaster it on like peanut butter on toast and the jar will last a good long time. These paste waxes work great, my only minor complaint is that the last time I bought them they came in a 70oz jar and now they come in a 40oz jar for about the same price. It’s still the same great product inside the jar and that’s what matters most .