Dominator Butter Rub-On Wax (40g)

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Product Overview

This fluorinated antistatic soft wax is designed for very wet snow at high air temperatures.

  • Butter can be rubbed-on or hot waxed (see below).
  • This is a great wax to have in your arsenal, easy to use and a 40g bar lasts a long time.
  • We like to keep a bar in our pocket for late season skiing, super easy to apply on-hill.
  • Comes in a handy re-useable box.
  • 40g bar.

Butter Tips:

  1. To apply butter as a rub-on simply rub a thin layer over your existing wax (after it has been scraped and brushed) then cork it in. 
  2. A great rub-in combination is to first apply a thin layer of Dominator Q6 followed by a layer of Dominator Butter, cork the two together. This combo works very well in very wet conditions.
  3. You can also mix Butter into a wax to improve glide in wet conditions. We use it with Dominator Zoom quite often, making a great Spring wax. Just rub a thin layer of Butter on the unwaxed base and drip your glide wax over the top, iron the two together then scrape and brush. The Butter will soften the wax slightly and add fluorine, which improves glide in wet conditions.


(4 reviews) Write a Review

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    Dominator BUTTER

    Posted by Chuck Flannel on Feb 14, 2019

    Works exactly like the description says. I keep it in my pocket for high temperature days with melting corn-- wet hot snow. I rub it on and cork when things start to slow down. As one reviewer mentioned I get a few hours of increased performance and then need to reapply. I have not ironed it on, but I find that intriguing (I would rub then iron-- not drip it on). Small amount of wax for some serious money, be ready for the tiny little box, but when it saves your late spring day and you can glide easily down the flats to the chair you'll be super happy for it! BUTTER! It works!

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    Phoenominal stuff

    Posted by egils vigants on Jan 07, 2016

    For the weird spring conditions we get in New England starting in Feb...this butter stuff helps, nay allows one to glide over all of the sticky snow...just wax and then dry rub in...i do another iron run over it...maybe a little zardoz if it is really warm

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    Posted by Unknown on Apr 22, 2014

    works pretty well for wet conditions and new wet snow on top of wet conditions, but only good for 3hrs of skiiing, need to reapply to DRY ski i corked it into ski base, does any one suggest not using a cork??? it is better than swix yellow wax, which would stick in above condtions

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    sweet additive for spring

    Posted by Caitlin on Mar 05, 2013

    Scott sold me on this and I have had great results melting it in with the universal zoom when it gets slushy as it is now in the spring, so much less drag- thanks Scott!