Toko Ski Rotobrush - Black Nylon

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TOK 2529

Product Overview

  • Toko 100mm Wide with 10mm X .2mm Soft Black Nylon bristles
  • Use to remove excess softer waxes (warmer snow conditions) from base structure. 
  • Also good for polishing. 
  • Use back and forth at medium pace with light pressure at 2500rpm, followed by two tip-to-tail finishing strokes.
  • Rotobrushes do not include shaft/handle. Either the Swix or Red Creek shaft/handles will work with these brushes.

 Rotobrushes are used by many of the world's top national teams and factory service technicians. They save time and help create the fastest bases as well. Rotobrushes are very versatile...they can be used to remove wax, open and uncover base structure, cut away unwanted p-tex hairs and polish bases. We offer a complete selection of handles, brushes and attachments. To operate, slip the desired brush or attachment onto a control handle, clamp the handle into any electric or battery-powered drill, and start the drill. Roto-brushes are designed to operate at speeds between 800 and 2500rpm... enough to launch tiny wax particles in the air -So wear safety goggles unless they have a shield installed



(No reviews yet) Write a Review