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Ski Visions Tuning Tool

One of our best selling lines of tools developed by Mark Sewell for precision Edge Tuning and Base structuring

  • Green Stones for Ski Sharp Tool (pair)

    Coarse Stones for Ski Visions Ski Sharp Tool

    Aggressive silicone carbide sharpening stones. Use them in place of files to sharpen edges without removing excessive material. Great for removing work hardened metal on new ski edges. Finish with the Fine stones. Designed specifically for the Ski...

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  • SkiVisions Ski Sharp Edge Beveling Tool (top view) SkiVisions Ski Sharp Edge Beveling Tool (base view)

    Ski Visions Ski Sharp Edge Tuning Tool

    The SkiSharp tool includes a pair of hard chromed laser cut files, a brass cleaning brush and a tuning stick. The recommended Green and Ceramic stones are not included with the tool but are available separately. This is one of our most popular...

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    Ski Visions Tuning Stick

    Checking the sharpness of steel edges has long been a bit of a guessing game for most tuners. Shaving the face of your fingernail, or dragging the side of a pinkie finger across an edge doesn't provide consistently reliable or accurate feedback.....

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  • Ski Visions Panzar Insert for Ski Sharp Tool

    Panzar File for Ski Visions Ski Sharp Tool

    For those who don't think the Ski Sharp is aggressive enough, this is your insert...a coarse pansar file, intended to be ONLY used in the side file pocket (it is sold only as a single file) for aggressive edge sharpening and to skiv off sidewall...

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  • Green Stones for Ski Sharp Tool (pair)

    Fine Stones for Ski Visions Ski Sharp Tool

    These fine green polishing stones have replaced the pink ceramic stones of the past. Fine silicone carbide sharpening stones for polishing. Designed specifically for the Ski Visions Ski Sharp Tool. Made in USA. Sold as a pair...

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