OneBall Graphite Plus Additive (65g)

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Product Overview

This is a hydrocarbon wax with a micronized graphite additive. It can be used alone (as a universal wax) or mixed with your glide wax. To mix simply rub the graphite wax on your base like a crayon, coating it evenly, then drip your wax of the day over the top and wax both into the base as normal. Adding graphite to your base helps your skis or board slide better when there are things like dirt, pollen or other contaminants on the snow. These substances create "dry friction" which slows down glide, graphite is a shear lubricant that helps move the base across dirty snow with less drag. If it hasn't snowed for awhile where you ride, or if you primarily ride on man-made snow (blown snow is dirty snow) you might consider adding a graphite wax to your kit.

  • Micronized means the graphite's ground really fine so it penetrates your base better and resists splotching (a technical term for not spreading so well).
  • All One Ball waxes are scented (think mellow candle scent), some folks like this, some don't, you probably know which you are.
  • Made in the USA
  • 65 gram bar.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review