Dominator FFC3 Rub-On Wax Set (40g)

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Product Overview

Dominator FFC3 rub-on waxes are to be applied over FFC glide waxes to further increase glide. The gray bar is used in warm conditions and wet snow (if you can make a snowball use this bar), the black bar is for most winter snow conditions and always for manmade snow. Can be reapplied between runs. 

  • Gray Bar: For wet snow and warm conditions.
  • Black Bar: For most snow conditions.
  • Fluoro-free.
  • One 20g bar of each wax for a total of 40g (1.4oz)


  1. Rub a thin layer on the base.
  2. Gray Bar: Cork in, brush with soft nylon brush.
  3. Black Bar: Cork to a shine, do not brush. 




(No reviews yet) Write a Review