Dominator FFC Race Wax System

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Product Overview

Dominator FFC race waxes that are economical, fluoro-free and 100% biodegradable. The FFC series consists of a base prep wax, two broad range glide waxes (normal and cold), and a two wax rub-on kit. Dominator FFC waxes have been formulated proprietary antistatic components and specific hydrocarbon blends to reduce the performance gap between fluoro and hydrocarbon waxes. FFC waxes are ideal for junior competitors and performance seekers and as training waxes for top competitors. 

The Kit includes:

  1. FFC 1    Base Prep Wax 100g
  2. FFC 2    Glide Wax Normal 100g
  3. FFC 2C  Glide Wax Cold 100g 
  4. FFC3     Rub on Overlays 2x20g

FFC 1 - Base conditioning wax with antistatic additives. Apply to base, allow to sit for 15 minutes then scrape and brush.

FFC 2 - Glide wax for temperatures -7°C/19°F and WARMER.

FFC 2C - Glide wax for temperatures -7°C/19°F and COLDER.

FFC 3 (Black Bar) - Used in most snow conditions and as a refresher between runs. Always use on man-made snow. Rub on lightly, cork in, no brushing.

FFC 3 (Grey Bar) - Use in soft, wet snow. Rub on, cork in and brush with a soft nylon.






(No reviews yet) Write a Review