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Ski Wax Additives

Wax additives are designed to change the character of your wax. If you need to increase the durability of a wax, say in icy conditions or on man-made snow, you can add a hardener. If you need to increase the hydrophobic qualities of a wax, for wet now conditions or high humidity, you can add fluorocarbon. Graphite or molybdenum can be added to a wax to decrease static and increase dirt repellency. Additives allow you to fine-tune a wax to match the conditions you encounter.

  • Dominator Race Butter Wax - 40g

    Dominator Butter Wax

    This highly fluorinated antistatic soft wax is designed for very wet snow at high air temperatures. Butter can be rubbed-on or hot waxed (see below). This is a great wax to have in your arsenal, easy to use and a 40g bar lasts a long time. We like...

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  • Dominator Sport Bullet Wax -100g

    Dominator Sport Bullet Cold Range Wax

    Dominator hydrocarbon wax for cold, aggressive snow.  Add to any glide wax to increase hardness and improve durability. Greatly extends the cold-end of Dominator Zoom and other universal waxes. Bullet wax works best at snow temperatures of 14F...

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  • Purl Microcrystalline Wax Graphite

    Graphite (black) All-temperature. Add this anti-static wax to any Purl wax or use alone. Breaks up static in cold conditions and repels dirt in the Spring. These waxes have a unique ultra-fine microcrystalline structure which provides superior...

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  • OneBall Graphite Plus Additive (65g)

    OneBall Graphite Plus Additive (65g)

    This is a hydrocarbon wax with a micronized graphite additive. It can be used alone (as a universal wax) or mixed with your glide wax. To mix simply rub the graphite wax on your base like a crayon, coating it evenly, then drip your wax of the day over...

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  • Toko X-Cold Powder - 50g

    Toko X-Cold Powder - 50g

    Sprinkle a little of this ultra-hard powder wax on your base (or even just along your edges) and carefully tamp it down with a heated iron before applying your wax of the day.  It helps protects the base in cold and abrasive (icy, manmade, etc.)...

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    Toko HF Hot Wax AX134 - 120g

    Toko Tribloc HF Hot Wax AX134

    New for 2012/13! Toko HF Hot Wax AX134 Very soft, highly fluorinated special-purpose racing wax. Used when temperatures are very warm and snow is wet. Snow Temp. 0°C to -3°C (32°F to 27°F) Air Temp. 10°C to 0°C (50°F to...

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  • Swix CH3X Cold Powder (30G)

    -12ºC to -32ºC (12ºF to -26ºF). CH3X is a special synthetic hydrocarbon powder wax to add to other waxes to increases their durability and protect bases from abrasion. Especially useful on man-made snow, or glacier skiing. 30...

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  • Dominator Race Bullet Old Snow (100g)

    Race Bullet is a fluorinated additive wax for use on cold, aggressive snow. The Old Snow formula is intended for snow that is at least 3-days old. Bullet wax works best at snow temperatures of 14°F (-10°C)and lower Will also work on snow as...

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  • Swix LF3X Cold Powder (30G)

    -12°C to -32°C (14°F to -25°F). A very hard powder wax with a high fluoro content. Used when snow is very fine-grained and very cold. Protects against base burn and abrasion on cold, aggressive snow. 30 gram shaker.  

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