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Zardoz Notwax


Unlike traditional waxes, Zardoz NotWax is a liquid made from Dupont Krytox R901, originally designed to lubricate computer hard drives. It's inert (not affected by heat or cold), hydrophobic (water repelling), and stays liquid when applied to p-tex bases. It is not as durable or abrasion-resistant as traditional waxes, so it won't protect bases as well when used alone...but is quick and easy to apply on a daily (or more frequent) basis. Zardoz suggests applying NotWax to a freshly cleaned and unwaxed base to get the deepest p-tex penetration, followed by ironing in a layer of traditional wax (usually a cold-temperature hydrocarbon wax), then reapplying NotWax after each day on the slopes. Called the "Felix process", it's claimed this can improve wax durability and improve glide