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Dominator No-Iron Waxes

Dominator offers waxes that don't require an iron to apply. Dominator Momentium wax is a two-part wax system that is very simple to use and is a favorite among racers. Rocket and Race Rocket waxes are handy pocket-sized waxes for last minute adjustments at the top of the course. Dominator Butter is the go-to wax for Spring conditions.

  • Dominator Race Butter Wax - 40g

    Dominator Butter Wax

    This highly fluorinated antistatic soft wax is designed for very wet snow at high air temperatures. Butter can be rubbed-on or hot waxed (see below). This is a great wax to have in your arsenal, easy to use and a 40g bar lasts a long time. We like...

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  • Dominator Momentium Paste Wax (COLD)

    Dominator Momentium Paste Wax (COLD)

    COLD  18F° & colder (-8C° & colder) Designed for competitive and performance skiers and borders, Momentium wax embodies the properties of what would amount to several different types of waxes in other systems.  They contain...

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    Dominator Race Rocket Rub-On Wax

    A great wax for adding extra speed to skis while on the hill, e.g. second run. The compact kit contains two-20 gram bars of fluoro rub-on wax. The 20g gray bar contains SRB and is used for old snow. The 20g black bar contains graphite and is used...

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